"Heaven and Earth, man and woman, soul and body-are all opposites. They aren’t always opposites; there are times they influence each other positively, and there are times they reach complete unity. In all connections of opposites there is joy, and it is the place and essence of joy. Anywhere joy is found there is connection and unity."

— Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe z”l (via girloverhere)

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Shopping with American Yeshive bucherim


Overheard the following in the past few weeks:

Litvish American Bucher: “Kama Mamon Zeh?”
Guy in grocery store: “asara zuz!”

Somewhere else:

LAB #2: “Ad mosai atoh poseiyach?”
Storekeeper: “Ad mosai? Ken… *lifts up hands and looks up to the skies ceiling* “Abbaleee! Ad mosaaaiiii?!”
Me: *bursts out laughing* “Rak b’Eretz Yisruel”.

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Rabbi Wallerstein- The Eyes and the Soul

I don’t usually listen to to audio shiurim unless it’s one of my rabbis from sem or you know, it’s Tisha B’av… Stumbled upon this super powerful, a wee bit emotional approx 10 min shiur by Rabbi Wallerstein… Appropriate for Rosh Hashana prep. 

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+ bennistar:

Keep this in mind when you make havdolah this motzei Shabbos. 
A git shabbos Jumblr!


Keep this in mind when you make havdolah this motzei Shabbos. 

A git shabbos Jumblr!

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+ bennistar:

Rider: “Yoeli, I’m your father!”
Yoely: “Nooooo!!!”


Rider: “Yoeli, I’m your father!”
Yoely: “Nooooo!!!”

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"People are accustomed to look at the heavens and to wonder what happens there. It would be better if they would look within themselves, to see what happens there."

— The Kotzker Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Morgenstern zt”l (via bennistar)

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Art by Boris Dubrov: Jewish mothers and children

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"Eitz Chaim" new song by Mordechai Ben David and Motty Steinmetz. Will soon be available on new CD composed by Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz.

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Tisha B’av is considered the most dangerous day in the Jewish calendar. How much more dangerous then for our soldiers fighting in Gaza.

This idea is simple. Get together with a group of friends or family and divide between you the entire sefer tehillim (book of psalms). Recite your allocated part at some point over Tisha B’av, ensuring that between you the entire sefer is recited.

Together we can recite sefer tehillim many times over Tisha B’av in an effort to protect our soldiers who are defending our country and our people. Please invite your friends so this can spread further!

Am Yisrael Chai! Have and easy and meaningful fast.

תשעה באב הוא היום הכי מסוכן בלוח השנה היהודית. השנה הוא אפילו יותר מסוכן לחיילים שלנו שלוחמים בעזה.

הרעיון פשוט. תתארגן קבוצה עם החבריך או המשפחתך, וחולק ספר תהילים. כל אחד יקרא חלק אחד בט’ אב, וביחד תקראו את כל הספר.

ביחד אנחנו יכולים לקרא ספר תהילים מאות פעמים בתשעה באב כדי להגן על חיילינו שמגנים על מדינתנו ועמנו.

שנאת חינם גרמה לחורבן בית שני, אבל השנה נתאחד להגן על חיילינו, על עם ישראל. בעזרת ה’ האחדות הזאת תהיה תיקון לעבירות שלנו בעבר, ונזכה לראות את בית המקדש השלישי והגאולה השלימה במהרה בימינו אמן.

עם ישראל חי!!!
צום קל!

תזמינו את כל החברים שלך לאירוע הזה

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"Take it away!"



The Holy Rizhiner, reb Yisroel Friedman zy”a, believed in a way of serving Hashem in splendor (‘aristocracy’) and joy. He rejected all feelings of sadness, even of bitterness. Therefore, on tisha b’Av some of his chassidim would engage in all sorts of jokes; in order to diminish the sadness of the day. In the end they thought of an amazing prank: they opened a skylight in the roof of the beis medrash (study hall) and dropped a snare; then when someone walked in, they would yank on the rope so that the snare fastened itself around him, and pull him up to the roof.

It so happened that the heiliger Rizhiner himself walked in to the beis medrash. Those who were up on the roof could not see clearly who was coming in, so they pulled him up. To their dismay, they saw that they had pulled up their Rebbe! As soon as they recognized who it was, they let him down.

Cried out the Rizhiner: "Ribono Shem Olam! If Your children are not properly observing Your ‘festival,’ take it away from them!"

As is written in Sefer HaMinhogim.
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