A vegetarian Pesach in Kotzk?


Someone once asked the Kotzker Rebbe, “if the Torah is so machmir (strict) on even one drop of Chometz why eat matzo at all?”  One mistake in the bakery and you can end up eating Chometz.  Why not just eat vegetables for the entire Pesach and staying as far away from Chometz altogether.  Similarly the Shir Maon asks, “why do we make matzo only out of a kind of grain that could become Chometz?  Let’s eat matzo from rice, which has no possibility of becoming Chometz.”

The answer is that our avodah is to vanquish the Yetzer Horo.  Battling him and winning is our purpose in life.  A person is not created like a Malach (angel) without a Yetzer Horo. The yetzer horo is called Chometz (Si’or SheB’isah) as he spoils our purity.  We cannot avoid him.  We need to live with his constant threats but we are responsible to still keep ourselves one hundred percent kosher without a drop of Chometz.

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Things to Remember for Erev Pesach


A few points to do (or not to do) on Erev Pesach.

  • Siyum for Bechorim Monday morning.
  • All male firstborn to either parent must fast, as well as a firstborn following a miscarriage.
  • Some Sefardim have the minhag that female firstborn also partake in the siyum.
  • Fathers should attend siyum in place of a minor firstborn child.
  • Do not say Mizmor Lisoda and Lam’natzeach.
  • Stop Eating Chometz end of 4th hour. (Jerusalem 10:06 am, NYC 10:20 am)
  • Brush teeth thoroughly before end of zman Achilah.
  • Complete Burning of Chometz end of 5th hour. (Jerusalem 11:23 am, NYC 11:38 am)
  • Say Kol Chamira - Bittul (Nullification) of Chometz in a language that you understand.
  • Remove vacuum cleaner bags with chometz before zman biur chometz.
  • Chometz garbage that will not be collected by sanitation before z’man biur should not be left in garbage cans. Rather, it should be left in bags at the curb.
  • Dentures, bi-plates, etc. should be cleaned (and kashered if removable) before zman biur.
  • Work restrictions begin after Chatzos (Jerusalem 12:40 pm, NYC 12:57 pm).
  • No haircuts or shaving after Chatzos.
  • All kitchen and dining areas must be covered before Yom Tov.
  • Prepare for the Seder: Roast the Zeroah, Beitzah. Grate the Maror, Make the Charoses, Check the Maror leaves, mix the salt water.
  • Set Shabbos clocks to allow lights to stay on very late for the Seder (Sedorim).
  • Many have the minhag to immerse in a mikvah in honor of Yom Tov.
  • Prepare Kittel for the Seder. Open any staples or tags left on by the Dry Cleaners.
  • For those who eat gebrockts one may only eat boiled foods with matzoh meal (e.g. kneidlach).
  • One may not eat baked matzoh meal products at any time during the day.
  • After Mincha Ketanah (Jerusalem 4:25 pm, NYC 4:48 pm) one may not eat kneidlach, drink wine, or fill oneself.
  • Many have the minhag to recite the order of the Korbon Pesach (printed in many Haggados) after Mincha, thereby meriting as if having offered a Pesach sacrifice in the Beis hamikdash.

A Koshere & Freilichen Pesach!

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"What do you want most for her?""Before you ask that, you must know what we want for ourselves. Sure we want her to be happy. And to be successful. But for us, above all, it is about serving God."


"What do you want most for her?"
"Before you ask that, you must know what we want for ourselves. Sure we want her to be happy. And to be successful. But for us, above all, it is about serving God."

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Evolution of (not quite)Chassidic dance

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Handmade for your seder is always better.

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A Brit anywhere in the Middle East is a recipe for cognitive dissonance: hitching a ride with the Na Nachma Nachmaners is just painful to watch. Only a Brit would be tolerantly nervous about guns but run away from the threat of dancing.

"I might as well have got on a bus. At least a bus has less stops than they do."

Poor guy lol!

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For several reasons I’m going to take a break from Tumblr. I will delete my primary blog and as a consequence all the blogs that are attached to it.

I have moved my archivesjewishcultureandhistory.tumblr.com blog to a new location on wordpress:


Here you will find everything I posted so far, and I will also continue to make new posts about Jewish stuff on the wordpress blog.

All the best <3

- Tzilah

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Pesach Seder Promo

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STAR-K Insect Guide Video Tutorial: Lettuce, Flour, and Strawberries

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